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En el piedemonte de la Sierra de Perijá, territorio indígena wayúu de Venezuela, la pérdida acelerada de los bosques pone en riesgo el suministro de agua de varios embalses de la región y aumenta el empobrecimiento de las familias wayúu allí asentadas, situación que ha llevado a sus pobladores a organizarse y gestionar proyectos comunitarios con fines ambientales. El proyecto tuvo como propósito la consolidación de un núcleo agroecológico en cada una de las comunidades: Wayúuma´ana y Kasuusain, buscando la protección de los afluentes y el apoyo a la agricultura familiar indígen...
Esta publicación sobre sistemas productivos familiares, presenta cuatro ejemplos de buenas prácticas en comunidades campesinas de Venezuela, para promover seguridad alimentaria y diversificar los medios de vida en zonas rurales.
Overview of SGP Nigeria activities and national impact
As the name suggests, the book is the compilation of 22 persistent organic pollutants. The introduction consists of synonyms and trade name, IUPAC name, CAS number, structure, properties, impact on human health and environment, standard, persistence, alternatives and Nepal specific issues. It also summaries POPs, their characteristics and their listings under Stockholm Convention in the introductory part.
The book is the reflection of work undertaken by Contemporary Vision to highlight the status of Rautes- the only nomads of Nepal. It is the first participatory video project funded by Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme of United Nations Development Programme. It tries to highlights their mode of everyday life, nomadic life style, their unique culture and hardship. It also briefly highlights project objectives, implementation process, activities and achievements. For the first time, their nomadic journey was documented. It also summarizes the hardship and challenges of the proje...
This book is second volume of the GEF SGP projects in Nepal. It includes another 29 projects which consists of 15 biodiversity projects, 10 climate change projects and 4 land degradation projects. Introductory part also describes SGP vision, objectives, focal areas and overall status of SGP programme in Nepal
The book briefly compiles 29 projects supported by Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme of United Nations Development Programme Nepal. The projects included are 15 biodiversity project, 12 climate change projects and two land degradation projects. The brief project description includes background, objectives, activities, results and cofunding partners. The introductory parts summarizes SGP objectives, vision and status of overall SGP programme in Nepal.
This book reflected the synopsis of the community led conservation of wild honey bee project in Bara, Nepal with the funding support from Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme of United Nations Development Programme. The book describes briefly the conservation efforts undertaken by the project. These includes working approach, activities and results, lesson learned and recommendation. In the first chapter, the book presents introduction to bees which includes different types of bees found in Nepal, importance and advantage of bees, their role in pollination and major bee flora fou...
The Operational Guidelines are intended to assist SGP National Coordinators/Sub-Regional Coordinators (NCs), Programme Assistants (PAs), National Steering Committees (NSCs), GEF Operational Focal Points and other country level partners, UNDP Country Offices and National Host Institution (NHI), SGP Central Programme Management Team (CPMT), SGP Upgrading Country Programme teams, and UNOPS in programme implementation. They are based on the experience and knowledge gained both at the country and global levels over 25 years of SGP programme implementation. They provide the basic policy framework fo...
In this edition of the SGP Green Reporter we are pleased to highlight how our civil society partners are evolving to remain relevant in the face of COVID-19 and the essential work that they have been doing on the frontline of this battle. This is being achieved through innovation, meaningful partnerships, strategic interventions and scalable initiatives that are helping to flatten the curve, meet the needs of the most vulnerable while protecting our environment.
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