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Project BLR/SGP/OP6/Y2/CORE/MF/16/03 - Support for domestic cheese making as an alternative form of employment of local population on and around specially protected territories in Slavgorod district - results (2016-2018)
Project BLR/SGP/OP6/Y2/CORE/CH/17/03 “Creation of a regional information center on handling with POPs and hazardous chemicals” results (2017-2018)
Project BLR/SGP/OP6/Y2/CORE/BD/16/01 “Landscape approach to sustainable development of the specially protected territories”. - results (2016-2018)
Project "Green Garden economy – reinvesting in the development of the village" - results. 2016 - 2019
Landscape reserve Lipichanskaya puscha - description of species - developed withing the project "Developing cycling movement in Belarus regions" (2018-2020)
Bike rout in Bykhau region (Belarus) developed within the project "Developing cycling movement in Belarus regions" (2018-2020)
Combating climate - SGP Belarus - 2005-2020 - projects results
BLR/SGP/OP6/Y4/STAR/CC/18/14 "Local mechanisms of reinvesting for climate neutrality and local community development" - project results (2018-2020)
SGP Belarus projects results on hazardous chemicals management by 2020
Situation in Belarus in the sphere of gender equality and results, achieved by the SGP Belarus in 2020
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