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With the funding support from Global Environment Facility-Small Grant Programme of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Health and Technical Education Development Centre Palpa (HTEDC) carried out a project on reducing harmful chemicals from soil. The two-year project was implemented in Somadi and Mujhung VDCs, currently Rainadevi Chhahara Village Municipality ward no 2 (Somadhi) and 5 (Mujhung) of the Palpa District. The project encouraged the farmers to practice commercial organic vegetable and mushroom farming to improve quality of soil and their health by giving up the use of pestic...
Press Release - Barbados Advocate - June 5, 2020 Celebrating World Environment Day - Biodiversity The GEF Small Grants Programme Barbados is proud to host a Week of Activities in celebration of World in Environment Day (WED). GEF SGP has invested heavily in Barbados with regards to the Environment. David Bynoe the National Coordinator for Gefsgp Barbados launched this week’s activities and noted that, “GEF SGP has facilitated an investment of US$7,916,303.31‬ for 85 environmental projects spread across Barbados within our last two operational phases. This year, World Environment Day focu...
The Centre for Environment Justice and Development (CEJAD) is, since 2012, a registered public interest Non-Governmental Organization in Kenya. The organisation works to promote sound management of chemicals and waste in order to protect the natural environment as an end in itself and for the wellbeing of the Kenyan people, especially vulnerable populations. CEJAD’s work covers four specific themes: 1). Mercury pollution; 2). Use of Highly Hazardous Pesticides; 3). Lead in Paints and; 4). Marine litter and plastic pollution.
The Shimoni-Vanga Seascape, which is located in the southern coast of Kenya (Kwale County) and next to the Tanzanian border, is endowed with rich biodiversity. The seascape is teaming with a diverse array of fish species, and harbours important ecosystems such as mangrove forests, seagrass and corals. The Kisite-Mpunguti National Park and Reserve, famous for dolphin sightings and snorkeling, is located in the nearby waters.
En el contexto particular de la contingencia generada por la epidemia del COVID-19, con las restricciones de circulación relacionadas con la cuarentena recomendada y las posibles consecuencias a largo plazo sobre la movilidad, en todo el país la producción de hortalizas en una huerta propia cobra un sentido aún más importante para las familias, debido a que es una buena alternativa para ofrecer una alimentación saludable, ayudar a la economía familiar y contribuir a la preservación ambiental, sin la necesidad de salir de casa o de la comunidad.
In Migori County, hazardous and largely informal gold mining practices have led to adverse health and environmental effects. These impacts have been linked to cases of heavy metal poisoning with significant health burdens. Mining in the area has left behind dredged out and contaminated streams, disturbed vegetation and littered landscapes, open trenches and gaping pits filled with water. Plant growth on the waste land is inhibited, and this seems to be due to acid mine drainage (Ogola, Jason et al). Soil remediation and rehabilitation is needed, but capacity is limited. MICA is a project on re...
KWCA is a landowner led national membership association organization that serves the interests and collective voice of community and private conservancies. KWCA works to create an enabling environment for conservancies to thrive by advocating for the right laws and incentives and supporting them through sharing information and capacity building. The conservancy movement in Kenya has grown very fast in the last two decades. KWCA currently bring together 160 private and community conservancies in 19 Counties spread across the country with majority located within indigenous pastoral communities a...
In 2019 the Institute for Culture and Ecology (ICE) supported by the Global Environment Facility, Small Grant Programme (GEF-SGP) of UNDP, embarked on a project that harnesses indigenous knowledge for rehabilitation of the Mijikenda Sacred Kaya Forests, which are not only a vital element of the beautiful Coastal landscape, but also a cultural and national heritage. The project’s long term goal is to enhance biodiversity conservation through participatory community initiatives targeting three Kaya forests namely; Rabai, Fungo (Giriama) and Jibana, which collectively cover about 924 hectares. ...
Colobus Conservation is a non-profit making organization that promotes the conservation of coastal primates and their habitat. It was established in 1997 and works closely with other organisations, schools and local communities to promote the forest conservation, protection of primates and its coastal forest habitat in South Eastern Kenya. In partnership with Kenya Wildlife Services Colobus Conservation works to curb illegal pet trade, hunting and poaching, sensitize communities on alternative means of livelihoods protecting wildlife habitat. Other parastatals are Kenya Forest Service and Keny...
Este documento describe el ejercicio en el que participaron 23 expertos de la Península de Yucatán en materia de biodiversidad y cambio climático, con la finalidad de definir las acciones prioritarias para la conservación de la biodiversidad y la atención a la problemática derivada del cambio climático en la región, en particular relacionadas con las actividades productivas del sector primario y aquellas actividades que de una u otra forma hacen uso de la biodiversidad para generar sus satisfactores básicos.
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