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Report on the status of the forest ecosystems in the targeted areas inclusive of plant plus animals’ species and cultural heritage values present, condition of the forest ecosystem (inclusive of threats to the ecosystem)
Conservation Management Plans (CMPs) are important tools that allow managers of protected area to understand the ecological values of an area of interest in detail, and how the values can be best conserved given the particular management context of the place.
Conservation and Visitor Management Plan has highlighted areas within the Upper and Lower Rio Grande Valley, which have the potential or are currently engaging in ecotourism activities. Information presented, reveals current and potential negative impacts to the natural and cultural resources present
Cet annuaire vise plusieurs objectifs: -montrer la diversité des producteurs de charbon vert d’Afrique francophone; -encourager des échanges de pratiques entre producteurs; -faciliter les mises en relation entre porteurs de création d’unités de production et les producteurs actuels qui disposent d’une expérience avérée.
Since its establishment in Palestine, the Small Grants Programme )SGP( is concerned with the focal area of ”Chemicals and Solid Waste Use“. Several grants were endorsed for projects aimed at reducing the use of chemicals, especially in the field of sustainable agriculture, as well as the sound management of solid waste. In order to achieve the overall objective of SGP, the funded organizations for the year 2018 / 2019 focused on number of areas, namely: )1( research the agro-ecology farming and minimizing the use of agro-chemical inputs, )2( conduct comparisons between farm lands; those us...
Cet annuaire vise plusieurs objectifs: -montre la diversité des porteurs ; -encourager des échanges de pratiques entre porteurs de projets; -faciliter les mises en relation entre les distributeurs de semences paysannes et d’intrants biologiques et les agriculteurs qui ont besoin de ces intrants.
A disaster advocacy tool developed by a Grantee Supported by SGP Sierra Leone
Land That We Love’ is a movement imitated in 2017, by individuals and institutions working in Sierra Leone. The organization has been very active in advocating for Nature. Raining AWARENESS and motivating people from all walks of life to embrace nature and its value . This photo was displayed during the engagement with the Sierra Leone Parliament to call for action to protect the Environment, supported by GEF SGP Sierra Leone
The paper presents case studies of how the restoration of socio-ecological production landscape can enhance food security as a strategy, the good practices for restoring and enhancing the landscape, and how cultural revival and revitalization of traditions have helped shape the landscape.
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