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The project "Promoting ecotourism for ethnic minorities living in the buffer zones of Pu Mat National Park contributing to forest protection and biodiversity conservation of Nghe An Western Bio Reserve" (VNM/SGP/OP6N 4/CORE/2019/01 ) is implemented by Nghe An Provincial Tourism Association (PTA) in collaboration with Department of Tourism and Con Cuong - Tuong Duong District People's Committees (DPCs) during 2019-2021. It aims to achieve the overall objective of having biodiversity conserved in the Biosphere Reserve of western Nghe An based on community based eco-tourism development integrated...
The project "Promoting value chains for CSA groundnut in Binh Dinh, Phu Yen and Quang Tri provinces" (VNM/SGP /OP6N 4/CORE/2019/03) is implemented by Binh Dinh Union of Science and Technology Associations (BUSTA), in collaboration with Science and Technology Association of Cam Lo district, Quang Tri Province Association of Farmers of Dong Xuan district, Phu Yen Province, for 24 months since June 2019. It aims to establish the peanut production, processing and marketing chain to enhance the efficiency of CC adaptive peanut farming areas, consequently improving livelihoods for women and ethnic m...
It is an information brochure that shows general information about the way the SGP works in Argentina and some relevant information of interest.
Publication on SGP Nigeria grantee's project results
Matribhumi stove manual in Nepali is pictorial guide to making of Matribhumi improved cook stove. The manual is also produced in chart form so that it will be easier to display during training on Matribhumi improved cook stove.
The infographics/poster describes waste segregation at source and harness all possibilities of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover and be Responsible for Environmentally Sound Health Care Waste Management and go for Mercury Free Health Care Service and Dentistry.
It is a guide to mercury free dentistry and health care system in Nepal. It briefly describes mercury poisoning and contamination in Nepal, need for mercury free dentistry, global movement to address mercury issues and mercury free alternatives in Nepal
The project (Empowerment of local community in management, protection of development of coral reef ecosystem in coastal areas of Quy Nhon Bay", VNM/ICCA-GSl/2019/01) is aimed at the overall objective of "the capacity of local CBOs enhanced and the rights of the management and protection of coral reefs in coastal waters of Quy Nhon Bay granted to enable the development of aquatic resources and eco-tourism towards achieving sustainable livelihoods for local communities."
The rice-shrimp model is a closed model that is mutually supportive and a suitable production model in the conversion zone under current climate change conditions. The production area under the rice-shrimp model has gradually been increasing since the conversion in 2001 with 5,800 hectares; at present, Bac Lieu province now has nearly 30,000 hectares of this model (Bac Lieu Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, 2016. Report on effective models). There have been many demonstration models, science topics, projects, technical training courses for producers, etc. with the aim of contrib...
Red onion is the main agricultural product of Vinh Chau, Soc Trang province. At present, the area of red onion cultivation in Vinh Chau town is over 6,000ha. Each year, farmers cultivate 3-4 continuous vegetables and other short-term (V&OST) crops (Vietnamese: hoa màu), in dry seasons, using mainly groundwater for irrigation. In recent years, due to impacts of climate change, the scarcity of irrigation water has become more and more acute, proper water supply measures for crops are being paid attention for the implementation by localities. The project titled “Continual improvement and trans...
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