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Invitaciones a talleres en el marco de la emergencia sanitaria
Documentation of supported Solar powered hospitals to promote wider application of renewable energy technology
Jozani Chwaka Bay is a Tanzania National Park with Jozani National forest and a Chwaka Bay, which supports the largest area of mangrove forest in Zanzibar. Jozani-Chwaka Bay National Park has international reputation because it is home to the rare Zanzibar Red Colobus monkey (Pilicolobus Kirkii) whose population is around 2,000 primates. This national park was established after 385 farmers accepted to relinquish their farms so that they become part of the National Park. To support livelihoods, the farmers are engaged in ecotourism. They are also getting a share of tourist revenue, which is col...
The project titled: "Participatory and Inclusive planning and implementation: A capacity enhancement Approach for community resilience and sustainable development in western Kilimanjaro-Lake Natron ecosystem". A baseline study was conducted in October and November 2019, provided insights that were integrated in the review and appraisal of NFYDP II and ACRP 2014 - 2019 at a district and village level in addressing poverty reduction and integrating climate information for livelihood in the Western Kilimanjaro –Lake Natron Ecosystem context. These activities involved 227 beneficiaries at suburb...
In 2004, the Bang La village was protected from the worst effects of a catastrophic tsunami by their 192-hectare mangrove forest. Recognizing the importance of this natural habitat for disaster risk reduction, Bang La community residents formed an association to advance the protection of mangroves through co-management, community dialogues, and education programmes, enabling them to resist the expansion of urban middle-class housing developments into the publicly owned land. The community has secured a Memorandum of Understanding from the provincial government, which provides them with the rig...
This guideline has been developed in line with the Fisheries Law No.18/2017/QH14, Decree No.26/2019/ND-CP, Decision No.3224 / QD-UBND dated November 22, 2018 of the People’s Committee of Binh Thuan province, with the support from UNDP/GEF SGP to the project “Promoting empowerment and capacity building for local communities in management, protection and sustainable use of marine resources contributing to conservation of coastal ecosystem in Ham Thuan Nam district, Binh Thuan province.” (VNM/ICCA-GSl/2017/02). This project has been implemented by Binh Thuan Fisheries Association since Marc...
The publication was developed by the Nghe An Forestry Development Consultation Center and Global Environment Facility, Small Projects Grant Program – United Nations Development Program (UNDP - GEF/SGP) in collaboration with Que Phong District People’s Committee, Nghe An province. Sponsored by the Global Environment Facility - Small Projects Grant Program - United Nations Development Program (UNDP-GEF SGP), the Nghe An Forestry Development Consulting Center has collaborated with Que Phong District People’s Committee (DPC), and Communal People’s Committees (CPCs) of Nam Nhoong, Nam Giai ...
The project "Developing the community-based plastic waste management in coastal areas of Ha Long Bay Quang Ninh province" (VNM/SGP/OP6/Y4/CORE/2019/06) has been implemented by Quang Ninh Provincial Farmers' Association since December 2019. The project is aimed at mobilizing all communities living in the coastal areas of Ha Long Bay to participate voluntarily and actively in collecting plastic waste and mitigating environmental pollution from plastic waste in Ha Long Bay; consequently protecting the human health and the Ha Long Bay ecosystem. Specific project activities include: - Raising the c...
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