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Adaptation to climate change through improvement of livestock management practices and managing human-wildlife conflict to reduce depredation in Longido District. Results achieved:  Project managed to build capacity of local communities to adapt to climate change impacts. This was achieved through reducing vulnerability of local communities to climate change by improving livestock management practices through construction of new bomas that reduce the cutting of trees for boma construction and prevent livestock depredation by large carnivores.  A total of 31 bomas were constructed with th...
Livre d'éducation environnementale, Tome 1. Il aide les enfants à découvrir les plantes de la savane et leur vertus. Il sensibilise les enfants et les grandes personnes sur la nécessité de préserver l'environnement.
REZA conducted a project to promote the use of solar systems for lighting in village homes by training young men and women to install such systems and producing and distributing a solar installation user guide that explain in plain Kiswahili language on how to install the systems step by step. So far 10, 000 books have been distributed in the United Republic of Tanzania.
Livre d'éducation environnementale. Il aide les enfants à connaitre les arbres de la savane et leurs vertus. C'est également un livre qui sensibilise les enfants et les adultes sur la nécessité de préserver les plantes.
These 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) present numerous challenges to be adjusted in favor of a fairer, an equitable and sustainable world. These objectives can only be achieved through the full commitment and mobilization of each and every one to this noble task, so essential for the future. As a citizen of the world, everyone is called upon to mobilize himself and work towards this. The reason for the production of this inclusive document is to insure that, no one is left out. This is fundamental because, it creat awareness of these issues among people with disabilities and more impor...
Women of Canhabaque produce salt.
See Page 2 about: Inauguration of the Community Environment Center of Dulombe , in Bafata region.
Main results of the GEF and CBA projects of OP 5 and OP 6.
A study of the Jamaican Hutia (Geocapromys brownii), which was inclusive of field work, was conducted to determine the population size of Jamaican Hutia in the selected area and also to use field findings, to aid in the preparation of a Conservation Management Plan for the species.
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