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Ce support de formation a été produit dans le cadre du projet intitulé « Alternatives au bois énergie pour la lutte contre le réchauffement climatique et la gestion durable des écosystèmes forestiers du parc national de Douala-Edéa : cas du bio charbon » mise en oeuvre par l’organisation des femmes actives pour le développement durable (OFADED) avec le soutien financier du programme de micro financement du fond pour l’environnement mondial (GEF SGP Cameroun) et le soutien technique de KEMIT ECOLOGY. This training support was produced as part of the project entitled “Alternativ...
This publication presents SGP results for the reporting period from July 1 2020 to June 30, 2021. A total of 1,260 new projects were approved for grant funding representing a total amount of US$39.39 million in both GEF and non-GEF funding. Of these, 1,001 new projects with a total amount of $31.75 million were supported by GEF funding. The report presents results under the GEF Focal Areas of biodiversity, climate change, sustainable land management, international waters and chemicals and waste and SGP’s grant-maker plus strategies.
GEF SGP North Macedonia: Chemicals facts, numbers, results and achievements 2021
GEF SGP North Macedonia: Climate Change facts, numbers, results and achievements 2021
GEF SGP North Macedonia: Biodiversity facts, numbers, results and achievements 2021
GEF SGP North Macedonia's general facts, numbers, results and achievements 2021
An overview of the work of CSOs implementing projects under the GEF Small Grants Programme in Antigua & Barbuda.
Quotes from Indigenous leaders from different countries on the State of Indigenous Peoples’ and Local Communities’ Lands and Territories report.
The State of Indigenous Peoples and Local communities lands and Territories report is a result of extensive collaboration between the United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC), the World Wildlife Fund, and over 10 other collaborating organizations, partners, and networks. Its key findings include that 91 per cent of Indigenous Peoples and local communities’ lands are in “good and fair ecological condition”, and that these lands contain at least 36 per cent of the global surface covered by Key Biodiversity Areas. At present, these lands cover at...
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