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Lessons learned towards the achievement of core CBR+ objectives in Sri Lanka.
Progress update of the Community-Based REDD programme.
Eco-tourist's Guide: This Eco-tourist guide not only covers the whole Salt Range areas in Punjab Pakistan, and environmental conservation but also promotion of culture, preservation of heritage and exploring archaeological sites which have been ignored or forgotten.
Garbage Protection kits: These Kits include safety gloves, shoes, protection masks, Jackets, Caps, Plastic Bags etc. These protection gloves are distributed among changars. The Changars, are marginalized of the marginalized. They are sub-category of indigenous people. As a matter of fact, indigenous people are one of the most socially and economically vulnerable groups of the country. And occupation of Changars make them even more vulnerable as they are associated to the garbage collection. Historically, this sub-group used to wander city to city, region to region and collecting waste material...
Biochar enriched compost is a farmer-friendly technique that increases soil fertility of the areas where it is used. Preparing this compost is very easy and requires grasses, wood, and cow dung. Recent researches have revealed that compost prepared in this particular manner is capable of not only increasing land produce two folds but also keep the land healthy for longer periods of time.
Hands-on Training of Artisans and Blacksmiths on the making of Energy Efficient SGP Stove Version 2.0
“Qazi Nag Game Reserve Biodiversity Action Plan for Key Wildlife Species” for the conservation of Qazi Nag game reserve. Qazi Nag is in district Hattian, 75 km southeast of Muzaffarabad, Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) with an area of 4,832 hectares. The Qazi Nag Game Reserve is currently being recommended by an SGP supported project for upgrading its status to a National Park.
Fact Sheet_June 2018
SGP Newsletter Vol 4 No 2
Facts about bark-beetles, developed within the project BLR/SGP/OP6/Y4/STAR/CC/18/13 "Mitigating negative climate effects by abating the consequences of the bark beetle epidemics in Krasnapollie District of Mahilioŭ Region".
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