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This edition focuses on the inaugural Small Island Future Fest (SIFF), which has been conceptualised to address the gap in environmental awareness among the general public by promoting messages of environmental sustainability in an innovative and inclusive way - leaving no one behind. The festival integrated the sustainable development goals (SDGs) creatively to raise awareness and demonstrate practical ways that Small Islands can achieve a bright and prosperous future. This edition focuses on the inaugural Small Island Future Fest (SIFF), which has been conceptualised to address the gap in en...
Welcome to the holiday edition of the SGP Green Reporter. The year 2020 has been nothing short of remarkable, some would say for many of the wrong reasons. The COVID-19 pandemic remains the most defining event of 2020, it has metamorphosize from a health crisis into the greatest social and economic crisis of our lifetime. The implications are so wide reaching that it has impeded progress on all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Despite this enormous challenge of COVID-19, civil society has adapted, maintained their relevance and brought hope of a brighter 2021 to many.
Welcome to another edition of the SGP Green Reporter! The Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) and progress towards their attainment provide a hope of a brighter future. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has erased decades of development gains, brought into sharp focus the inequalities that presently exist across our world and impeded our progress towards the future we all want. Nevertheless, hope remains and the response efforts thus far at the global, country and community levels show a renewed commitment to the SDGs fueled by a Blue-Green Recovery.
Welcome to the SGP Green Reporter Holiday Edition! The year 2021 has been another remarkable year for the country of Barbados and GEF SGP Barbados. In this holiday edition of the SGP Green Reporter, we continue to celebrate remarkable achievements of some of our civil society grantee partners’ initiatives. On behalf of the GEF SGP Barbados team, a special thank you to all contributors who submitted articles to make his holiday edition possible. We know that you, the reader, will find this edition informative and interesting; so please share it within your networks, including partners, collea...
Les données socio-environnementales collectées dans le massif forestier de Ouro Messere révèlent une pauvreté extrême alors qu’ils vivent dans un environnement propice au développement agroforestier. A cela on souligne l’exploitation anarchique du bois par les populations elles-mêmes mais aussi par des braconniers. Il est facile de conclure que les populations ont besoin de renforcer leur capacité afin de pouvoir gérer et tirer parti du massif dans un esprit responsable. Nous souhaitions renforcer la gestion et la production agricole et pastorale avec une agro-biodiversité et un...
In 2021, a guidebook for the Other effective area-based conservation measure (OECM) in Colombia was launched to help practitioners identify, strengthen and report OECMs in the country. OECMs present major opportunities in recognizing important contributions to biodiversity conservation that are happening outside of government-recognized protected areas and thus, deepen representativeness and connectivity across systems of protected and conserved areas. The guide consists of three major parts. The first part explains the international context of the OECMs and its link to the Colombian sphere. T...
Ce support de formation a été produit dans le cadre du projet intitulé « Alternatives au bois énergie pour la lutte contre le réchauffement climatique et la gestion durable des écosystèmes forestiers du parc national de Douala-Edéa : cas du bio charbon » mise en oeuvre par l’organisation des femmes actives pour le développement durable (OFADED) avec le soutien financier du programme de micro financement du fond pour l’environnement mondial (GEF SGP Cameroun) et le soutien technique de KEMIT ECOLOGY. This training support was produced as part of the project entitled “Alternativ...
This publication presents SGP results for the reporting period from July 1 2020 to June 30, 2021. A total of 1,260 new projects were approved for grant funding representing a total amount of US$39.39 million in both GEF and non-GEF funding. Of these, 1,001 new projects with a total amount of $31.75 million were supported by GEF funding. The report presents results under the GEF Focal Areas of biodiversity, climate change, sustainable land management, international waters and chemicals and waste and SGP’s grant-maker plus strategies.
GEF SGP North Macedonia: Chemicals facts, numbers, results and achievements 2021
GEF SGP North Macedonia: Climate Change facts, numbers, results and achievements 2021
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