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This book reflects how medicinal and aromatic plant can be conserved through the active participation of local indigenous peoples. It also tries to explain how cultural value shapes the conservation of such local resources. After successfully completing project on Reaching the Unreached: promotion of Non Timber Forest Products (NTFPs)/ Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs) for Biodiversity Conservation and livelihood Enhancement, implemented by Sagun with the financial support from Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme of United Nations Development Programme, the book tries to capt...
This book is a synopsis of 18 month project on conserving degraded land in the Banganga River basin with the funding support from Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme of United Nations Development Programme. As the environment problems differ in upstream and downstream communities and so does their mitigation measures, the book tries to document how both the upstream and downstream communities work together to conserve the landscape. After carefully analyzing geology of the Banganga Watershed, the book explained how dif
Workshop report for legal review validation in Tanzania. Multi-stakeholder engagement to provide feedback on the first draft of the legal analysis report concerning ICCAs.
This Newsletter captures SGP Iran’s experiences and lessons learned on ongoing projects and there is examples of youth, traditional knowledge, ecosystem conservation (animals and plants), women communities, green agriculture and food security, air pollution and urban waste, and energy efficiency criteria.
Legal analysis report for the ICCAs in Viet Nam
Analysis of international law, national legislation, judgement and institutions that are relevant to ICCAs in Indonesia
Workshop report on 'Recommendations for integration into relevant policies and laws in Morocco', as part of the ICCA-GSI legal analysis project.
Workshop report on Stocktaking, Coordination and Development of Monitoring Plan Meeting for achieving Aichi Biodiversity Target 11 by 2020. Held in Vilm, Germany on 24-27 April 2019.
Community Landscape Innovations within the Maya Golden Landscape - Water -Land- Food- Energy- Climate Security Nexus towards an empowered and resilient Belize.
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