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This is an infographic created to highlight the work of the GEF SGP over the past 25 years.
This is the second installment of the GEF SGP Trinidad and Tobago Quarterly Newsletter for 2020.
This is the first installment of the GEF SGP Quarterly Newsletter for 2020.
Agroecology, a term for agricultural practices that link agronomy (agricultural science) and ecology (environmental science), is a way of designing production systems that rely on functionalities offered by ecosystems. It amplifies them while aiming to reduce pressure on the environment (eg: reduce greenhouse gas emissions, limit the use of phytosanitary products) and preserve natural resources. It is about making maximum use of nature as a factor of production while maintaining its capacity for renewal. Faced with the growing degradation of land and forests due to anthropogenic pressures, agr...
Quelques résultats des Projets OP6Y5 du SGP Mali en format infographique.
Este folleto es producto del proyecto desarrollado por el Grupo Social CESAP en comunidades del Llano Venezolano, promoviendo unidades demostrativas con tecnologías comprobadas para mitigar cambio climático en una región con ganadería extensiva.
Este manual es producto de un proyecto ejecutado por el Centro de Formación Popular Nuevo Pueblo, cuyo objetivo fue promover la construcción y uso de tecnologías con bajas emisiones de carbono en comunidades del paisaje semi-árido del estado Lara en Venezuela, y disminuir la extracción de leña de los bosques secos de la región. Contiene las instrucciones y maquetas para cuatro prototipos: Estufa rocket, Deshidratador solar, Horno solar y Olla bruja.
Hawanatu Thullah and Safiatu Forna becomes self-reliant after years of uncertainties. A story of two women with disabilities with uncertain futures that has been turn around by SGP funded project.
In an effort to prevent further spread of COVID 19 in Sierra Leone, Legallia Foundation an SGP Grantee which is a registered youth-led development organization partnered with Phadijah Cleaning Agency, an established cleaning and fumigating company in Sierra Leone to clean, disinfects, and fumigate the entire Lungi International Airport terminal in preparedness for the reopening of the Airport.
De Kribi à Campo, quatre espèces de tortues marines sont présentes dans les zones littorales : Lepidochelys olivacea et Dermochelys coriacea, dont les femmelles adultes sont présentes pour la nidification, Eretmochelys imbricata et Chelomia mydas juveniles pour leur croissance dans les habitats benthiques. Les travaux de construction et en cours de fonctionnement du complexe portuaire de Kribi, ont eu d’importantes incidences sur les espèces marines protégées, dont les habitats côtiers présents sur le site même du projet et dans les environs immédiats. De nombreux dégâts ont ét...
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