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In an effort to prevent further spread of COVID 19 in Sierra Leone, Legallia Foundation an SGP Grantee which is a registered youth-led development organization partnered with Phadijah Cleaning Agency, an established cleaning and fumigating company in Sierra Leone to clean, disinfects, and fumigate the entire Lungi International Airport terminal in preparedness for the reopening of the Airport.
De Kribi à Campo, quatre espèces de tortues marines sont présentes dans les zones littorales : Lepidochelys olivacea et Dermochelys coriacea, dont les femmelles adultes sont présentes pour la nidification, Eretmochelys imbricata et Chelomia mydas juveniles pour leur croissance dans les habitats benthiques. Les travaux de construction et en cours de fonctionnement du complexe portuaire de Kribi, ont eu d’importantes incidences sur les espèces marines protégées, dont les habitats côtiers présents sur le site même du projet et dans les environs immédiats. De nombreux dégâts ont ét...
The results obtained by these objectives shows that majority of the fishermen are Nigerians and Cameroonians, and that the dominant age group is 30-50 years followed by 10-30 years. It should be noted that the dominant types of canoe in the fisheries are of Nigerian type and the fishing gear mostly used are gillnets, surrounding nets, longlines and beach seine. There are three (3) main marine species accidentally captured in these fisheries. They are manatees, dolphins and marine turtles. The accidental captures varies with fishing camps as there are fisheries where marine mammals are highly c...
Articulo publicado en la revista RedDete - Red de desarrollo territorial de America Latina y El Caribe
Diseños agroecológicos para el cuidado del agua
Folleto para difusión de actividades ecoturísticas
Mapa Agroecológico Emmanuel, por una cultura del cuidado de la vida
Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Insights from Practice: the Lessons Learnt Manual on CSA implementation. This is one of the initiatives under the three and a half years project supported by GEF/SGP entitled, ‘Climate variability and change risks and management: development of decision support systems for dryland small scale arable farmers’. The project targeted small-scale arable farmers and was piloted in the Barolong and Kgalagadi South Sub-District. Implemented by BITRI in partnership with Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food Security, this project was funded at a tune of USD50...
Synopsis of the GEF SGP Botswana Operational Phase 6 Country Programme Strategy strategic direction.
GEF SGP Botswana Operational Phase 6 Country Programme Strategy guiding programming for the Country Programme.
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