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The December 2018 issue of the SGP Newsletter captures some of SGP Barbados' initiatives and achievements for 2018. In this issue, we learn more about the SDG Mobile Gallery and mission 2030. We also take a look at addressing the gender gap with reference to climate change in the Caribbean through a partnership between GEF SGP and the Commonwealth Foundation. Join us as we exemplify how “climate action” low carbon energy access can provide the co-benefits of capacity building and a sustainable financing mechanism to engage in social work with vulnerable groups. Guess what? Another grantee ...
The historical dynamics of the construction of the State of Guatemala has allowed the original peoples to conserve cultural mechanisms that have allowed them to adapt to the different political, social and economic conditions that have been imposed on them and in which the colonial condition has placed them and subsequently the Republic of Guatemala. This condition does not escape the phenomenon of the construction of global capitalism, in which case the land, from the perspective of the dominators - groups of real global and local power - has considered it as an exploitable resource as well a...
The "Estrategia de los Territorios Conservados por Pueblos Indígenas y Comunidades locales (TICCA) en Guatemala" is based on the expectation and plan to generate change, moving from a current situation to a dimensioned one. It implies the commitment of work of collectives willing to work hard for the benefit of all, surpassing their territorial scales and learning from the collective processes and actions of others. In this case, it is the traditional institutions of indigenous peoples and local communities that for centuries have managed their lands, made their own decisions and organized to...
In preparation for the "High Level Political Forum on Development Sustainable ", the SGP at the global level is promoting a process of dialogues between local and / or indigenous communities and government institutions focusing on issues relevant to sustainable mountain living in selected countries such as: Lesotho, Bhutan, Tajikistan, Nepal, Papua New Guinea and Guatemala, countries whose common characteristic is the existence of Mountain regions. It is in this framework and in alignment with the National Strategy of the Small Grants Program -PPD- Guatemala OP6 (2015-2018) that the project of...
In this "Popular Version for Guatemala" we try to socialize and simplify the Agreement to the general public, with the desire to make Guatemalan knowledge, the vital content and its implications, as well as examples of what each of us can do in the day to day, to reach a transformation that allows us to be protagonists in a generational change towards the sustainability of our own natural wealth, patrimony of all.
It is an information brochure that shows general information about the way the SGP works in Guatemala and some relevant information of interest.
A case study conducted on GEF SGP Mongolia's grant project numbered as MON/2005/08
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